Lennox 2018 Summer Promotion

With the arrival of summer comes promotions for you all! With new rebates and financing incentives, this is the perfect time to look into doing home improvements with Constant Home Comfort.

This Lennox consumer promotion is broken down into rebates for home comfort system and it runs for 6 weeks from June 25th, 2018 to August 3rd, 2018*. When you purchase any qualifying Lennox product, you are able to start saving!

*Must be purchased by August 3rd, installed by August 10th, and claims submitted by August 24th

You could qualify for up to $1,500 in rebates with the following breakdown:
$1,200 on a complete home comfort system
$100 on iHarmony
$100 on iComfort S30
$100 on PureAirS

Depending on the home comfort system model that you install in your home, your rebates can vary in range. The last three options in the breakdown are system add-ons that give further rebates.

In addition to the rebates, there are financing promotional offers that offer an incentive of paying for the home comfort system in 2019 rather than right away.

*To qualify for this 6 month deferral payment system, at least 1 DLSC or Elite motor-bearing unit must be installed.