Lennox Furnace Repair: What Are the Signs and When Should I Call in the Experts? | London, Waterloo

Lennox Furnace Repair: What Are the Signs and When Should I Call in the Experts? | London, Waterloo

As winter approaches and it gets colder outside it might be time to look into the condition of your furnace and properly catch any issues before they become a bigger problem for your wallet or even your home. By properly hiring furnace maintenance services just in time you can make your home the best environment for you.

Constant Home Comfort is here to give you the quality Lennox furnace repair that you deserve to keep your home in the best condition. If you are looking at a Lennox furnace price and worried don’t stress anymore, with the right actions and repairmen on the scene you can avoid having to resort to buying a new furnace! No matter if you are in Waterloo or London, Constant Home Comfort can bring back the perfect comfortable environment for your home just in time for the cold snap.


The Furnace is the One Going Bump in the Night

This is generally the first sign people pick up on, you suddenly start to notice bumping, rattling, or even squealing noises coming from the furnace. This can be attributed to old age, and just general wear and tear issues or a more serious problem that can hurt your airflow, heating, and wallet. Either way, it is a good idea to have a professional come by and look into what could be going on. Possibly a quick fix will work and make your house sound a little less haunted. 

Another sign relating to sound is if your blower is running constantly. This is a bit harder to pick up on going about your daily life but if you notice this or are suspicious this is happening it’s good to look into it. This could be a sign of energy deficiency and end up very costly if not acted on. 


You’ve Found Your Electricity Bill is Rising

This is a big sign that can be easily overlooked as people can misattribute the rising bill to other causes. But instead of too much TV time the higher bill could be because of the condition or age of your furnace. As your furnace struggles to do its job to the best of its ability it will use up more and more energy. This sign sadly doesn’t tell you your furnaces issue, but it can be a first step to looking into it and properly finding the issue with a professional inspection. 


Is the Air in Your Home Feeling Dry? 

Dry air in your home from a lacking furnace might be seen unexpectedly; through yourself or someone else in your home having constant dry skin or a dry throat. These can be caused by dust buildup in your home which can also affect your furnaces’ ability to run properly. Dust build-up in your furnace and its systems can have it working extra hard to give you dusty air thus just repeating the cycle. 


Uneven Heating Running Through Your Home?

If you’re finding certain rooms hotter than others or constantly colder then this could be a sign your furnace isn’t working at top condition. If the furnace is not heating properly and reaching each room evenly throughout the home it’s a good idea to have someone come by and see what could be the issue. 


Want Your Home Comfortably Heated to Perfection for Winter?

If you’ve experienced any of these signs or are in doubt of the condition of your furnace it’s time to check in with a professional and get your furnace the care it needs! Reach out to Constant Home Comfort at (226) 240-3219 to get the expertise you deserve and a fantastic repair.

Constant Home Comfort London is here to help! Join other London homeowners and save thousands with your new high-efficiency product. Our skilled HVAC technicians also provide reliable same-day repairs for your Lennox furnace! Call us now at (226) 240-3219.

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