Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

2008-07-11_Air_conditioners_at_UNC-CHThere always comes that point in time after what your air conditioner deems as sufficient usage that you start noticing little problems cropping up here and there. These problems are only to be expected since all machines go through quite a bit of wear and tear after a certain point of time and they require a bit of maintenance and pampering to get back to their original working condition. There are a number of problems that can crop up when you consider an air conditioner. For starters it may not be coming on, or cooling well or draining properly. Whatever it is, these problems if they go untouched or untreated can completely destroy or ruin your air conditioner from the inside.

Some of the most common and basic problems and how to treat them are as follows. First, the most common problem associated with air conditioners is that after a long period of not being used during the winter months they fail to come on in the summer time. This is a rather usual problem, it could be an issue with the thermostat or a loose connection in the switch which could cause the lack of electricity flowing through the system. If it is not these two problems then you may want to get a professional to look into it. Make sure that you thermostat is in the correct cooling position. Also many systems have a built in timer that delays the action of activation if the system has not been used for a while. This is usually to protect the system so give it some time and your air conditioner may turn on. It may not always be a problem with the fuse or the switch but the main power source. So make sure that the main fuse box or power source is not damaged and is working properly and that enough electricity is flowing through it.

If you use HVAC systems then the problem could be that your air conditioning section is very likely not cooling and it blowing out warm air. This problem is mainly attributed to dirty and grim filled filters, since the system producing cold air cannot transport it through the ductwork. Clean the filters and use fiberglass filters for proper functioning. Also make sure that the outside unit is turned on and working properly. If the outside system is working properly then make sure that no leaves, debris and small stone chips are unable to get into the system and clog the system and filter. Warm air from an air conditioning system could be a sign insufficient refrigeration. For this you will need to call an expert or professional to get it seen to.

Another problem is having an improperly sized air conditioner. This will cause the unit to keep cycling or turn off often. With an oversized air conditioner it will keep cycling since the temperature reaches the one you have set on your thermostat. When it reaches this temperature it will shut off and as soon as it gets warm again because it has not removed all moisture from the room it will turn back on again. This will happen more frequently than it should. This situation is also possible when an air duct is blowing air directly onto the thermostat and cooling the thermostat off faster than the rest of the room. This can also happen when the system is too small. Another problem could be that the inside system turns off but the outside fan remains on. In this situation all you have to do is turn the thermostat switch towards the off position and your system should settle down.

Another issue could improper condensation because of clogged condensation lines. The inside of your air conditioner has a dry pan that is meant to collect water that your air conditioner drains out. When this dry pan gets clogged the problem of improper condensation occurs. All you have to do is remove the dry pan, clean it properly and put it back. Using bleach and water will remove all the mildew and mould which would be slightly difficult to clean with just water and detergent.

Make sure that your filters, pipes, pans and thermostats are regularly cleaned to ensure that your air conditioner works to the best of its capacity. If you cannot find the time or do not to know how to service your air conditioner effectively you could always get a professional or expert from the company to do it for you. Not maintaining your air conditioner means it will get ruined a lot quicker and you will find yourself buying a new air conditioner every year or so. Maintaining and cleaning the system takes up some time but also saves you a lot of money in the long run.

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