Never Run Out Of Hot Water Again With A Tankless Water Heater | Perfect For Your Home!

Never Run Out Of Hot Water Again With A Tankless Water Heater | Perfect For Your Home!

A tankless water heater is a useful appliance to have for your home if you want hot water only when you absolutely need it. Traditional water tanks maintain their temperature at constant levels before being distributed through a tap. They’re less water-efficient than tankless units, which are considered upgrades within your home. Tankless water heaters have a longer lifespan, use less energy than their traditional counterparts, and help you save more water for your home long-term. 

Maintaining your tankless water heater as spring approaches can greatly benefit your overall comfortability. They can come in several brands such as Lennox or Daikin. At Constant Home Comfort, we’re the top Lennox dealer in the area and can help install tankless water heaters for your home today. We’ll make sure you can start repairing the benefits of a tankless water heater by handling all the necessary paperwork ourselves. 

Today’s modern technology ultimately means that almost any home or building can be comfortable during brutal winters and hot humid summers. Our sales staff try to sell you affordable energy-saving equipment, which includes furnaces, air conditioning systems and water filters.

Why Should I Clean My Tankless Water Heater Before Spring?

Regular maintenance performed on your tankless water heater can help it work better and more efficiently throughout the year. That’s why the springtime is the best period to do so, as the winter often requires more hot water regularly, while in the summer, HVAC technicians may be fully booked. During the springtime, technicians shouldn’t be as busy and will be able to help clean your tankless water heating unit as necessary. 

Scheduling maintenance and cleaning for your tankless water heater during the spring will prepare it for the times you’ll need it the most. Cleaning the unit often involves clearing out any built-up minerals or sediments that may be clogging the machine. This not only helps with improving the water flow but also keeps the water supply consistently clean. 

Cleaning your tankless water heater also helps you learn about its durability and lifespan. The tankless units have double the life expectancy and are built strong enough to operate for many years. By cleaning it up beforehand, you limit the number of costly breakdowns that may occur afterwards and avoid buying an expensive replacement. 

Tankless water heaters can help deliver an endless supply of hot water at no extra cost to your water or heating bill. The cleaning process often requires the involvement of a professionally trained technician to inspect and address its issues accordingly. Here’s why they should check your tankless water heating unit instead of trying to do it yourself. 

Why Should I Get HVAC Technicians To Inspect My Tankless Water Heater Instead Of Doing It Myself?

The number one reason why you should have an experienced HVAC technician inspect your tankless water heater is that they’re professionally trained and know what to do and look for. If you try fixing or inspecting the tankless water heater yourself, you expose yourself to a lot of risks such as external injuries, gas leakage, and equipment damages among other concerns. 

An experienced HVAC technician will know how to properly access the tankless water heating unit and apply the necessary fixes, as recommended by its manufacturer. They have the specific tools and instructions available to provide the best service. They’ll also help handle any paperwork that may be involved in the process. 

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could seriously get yourself and people in your home hurt if you try to inspect the equipment yourself. Electricity also runs through these heaters, so you need the right person to deal with that if necessary. On that note, tankless water heaters can deliver significant electricity savings for your home. 

Do Tankless Water Heaters Use More Electricity Than Traditional Water Heaters?

Tankless water heating units are extremely energy-efficient equipment that can cut down your monthly utility costs. The numbers do vary depending on the size of the house and how many members live in it, but tankless water heaters can provide as much as between 24% to 34% in energy efficiency ratings. This translates into roughly hundred of dollars in annual savings for your home, especially if you’re looking to be more water/energy efficient. 

A traditional water tank heater will heat water continuously whereas tankless units heat water only as much as it’s needed. Afterwards, homeowners can expect their energy use to be reduced by around 24% to 34% every year as well. Additionally, it can conserve almost 50% more energy than traditional water tanks used in the kitchen, laundry, and bathrooms. 

Tankless water heaters from brands such as Lennox and Daikin offer homeowners many energy-saving benefits while providing them with a normal supply of hot water. Contact Constant Home Comfort today to install a tankless water heating unit for your home today. Consider upgrading from an older, traditional water tank system now! 

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