New Tankless Water Heater GTA | Why You Should Replace Your Water Heater

New Tankless Water Heater GTA | Why You Should Replace Your Water Heater

Don’t sacrifice comfort in your own home! You can get hot water whenever you want, without ever having to schedule your showers again. One-fifth your energy costs are spent on heating water within your household. This is money that you could invest in other things and luxuries in your life. A new tankless water heating unit is the best choice for your family, whether you want to save money or install a more energy-efficient water-heating system. If you’re looking to purchase a new tankless water heater in the GTA, contact us at Constant Home Comfort today to learn about our ongoing rebates that can help you save more money!

What Happens To My Old Rental When I Replace It?

At Constant Home Comfort, we also dispose of your old tank and terminate your agreement with your service provider. Did we mention that we will install your new energy-efficient tankless unit at no cost? We strive to provide the highest quality HVAC services available in the industry, backed by friendly customer service. We offer a range of tankless water heaters from renowned brands like Rinnai, Navien and more. This will allow you to keep your money in your pocket. Tankless water heaters can revolutionize your daily routine. You no longer have to wait while someone washes the dishes. Unlimited hot water is available for any household, from a single person to a family of four.

Why Should I Switch To Tankless?
Switching to a tankless premium water heater can be an excellent investment both for you and your wallet. These units provide numerous advantages; most notably they’re far more compact than traditional storage tanks, saving valuable floor space in your home or office. Tankless heaters enable you to install them in spaces like closets, pantries or cabinets more easily – freeing up valuable floor space while bidding farewell to traditional water heaters that dominated. Tankless water heaters differ from traditional storage units in that they do not store and store any of your water – meaning less likely to leak, thus protecting against potential water damage in your home. Tankless units are also energy-efficient, only operating when needed and saving you money in unnecessary energy use. Furthermore, they’re better for the environment since they do not release harmful greenhouse gasses – making this an eco-friendly choice that also benefits our economy!

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