Keeprite Gas Furnaces

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  • KeepRite EC 97 Variable-Speed Modulating Gas Furnace

    This furnaces communicating system is designed to take your home to a new level of comfort and efficiency.  Featuring the Observer communicating wall control, various components of the system “talk” to each other electronically fine-tuning comfort levels without noticeable temperature swings while maximizing energy savings.

  • KeepRite ET 96 Variable-Speed Two-Stage Gas Furnace

    Unlike single-stage furnaces which heat up fast and shut down fast, creating noticeable swings in temperature – the ET 96 delivers consistent heat and overall comfort. This furnace is designed to take your home to a new level for comfort and efficiency. Features the Observer™ wall control communicating system.

  • KeepRite IIX 96 Two-Stage Gas Furnace

    KeepRite® furnaces comes with the newest heating technology and quality components to give you the ultimate in climate control. You get outstanding quiet, maximum energy savings, and exceptional warranties to assure you of long-lasting satisfaction.

  • KeepRite DLX 96 SIngle-Stage Gas furnace

    A unique combination of craftsmanship and quality. The DLX 96 is designed for quiet performance, with a thermal lining and a sealed circulation blower motor compartment that help keep operating sounds inside the cabinet. An advanced ignition system delivers quiet, consistent start-ups.

  • KeepRite PS92 Single-Stage Gas Furnace

    The KeepRite® PS92 gas furnace includes the latest engineering and design features, delivering high quality without a premium price tag. Weld-free heat exchanger design and construction prevents cracking problems while generating maximum heat. Updated technology helps improve fuel efficiency and saves on fuel bills. Quiet operation lets you know that every PS92 furnace is solidly built.