Clack WS1 Metered Water Softener

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  • Clack WS1 Control Valves are designed for residential, commercial and industrial water conditioning equipment. The WS1 Series valves are manufactured from composite plastics and can provide flow rates up to 27 GPM. They are among the most reliable, user friendly and easy to operate Control Valves on the market. Our Residential line of Water Softeners with Clack WS1 Control Valve is available in 25K, 32K, 50K and 65K capacity systems. For application where continuous supply of soft water is needed we offer dual tank softeners with WS1EE the Twin Alternating Control Valve. All Clack series water softeners are preassembled and come complete with 18” x 30” or 14″ x14″ x 34″ brine tanks, by-pass and 3/4″ or 1” brass lead free plumbing connectors. Canadian Water Warehouse offers a full technical support, installation and service. Our Softeners are covered with 5 years warranty on Control Valve and 10 years on the resin and brine tank.

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  • Removes Hardness & Iron (up to 1.5 ppm)
  • Premium water efficient control valve
  • Does not use harsh chemicals
  • Fully automatic operation and simple programming
  • Washed gravel under bed provides extra filtration and enables proper cleaning of filter media


  • Clack WS1 Metered Digital Control Valve
  • Clack By Pass
  • Brass, Lead Free Plumbing Connectors 3/4″
  • Resin Tank Size: 8″ x 44″ (25,000 Grains), 9″ x 48″ (32,000 Grains), 10″ x 54″ (50,000 Grains), 12″ x 52″ (65,000 Grains)
  • Gravel: 0.2 cu ft (25,000 Grains), 0.3 cu ft (32,000/50,000 Grains), 0.4 cu ft (65,000 Grains)
  • Softener resin Capacity:  0.75 cu ft (25,000 Grains), 1.0 cu ft (32,000 Grains), 1.6 cu ft (50,000 Grains), 2.2 cu ft (65,000 Grains)
  • Brine (Salt) Tank 14″ x 14″ x 34” (25,000/32,000/50,000 Grains), 18″ x 33” (65,000 Grains)
  • Brine Tank Safety Float
  • Brine line 3/8”
  • Service Flow Rate: 27 gpm
  • Distributor Pilot: 1″
  • 5 Cycles of Operation
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