Buying an AC? Here’s Why Lennox is Your Biggest Ally! | AC Rebates Hamilton

Buying an AC? Here’s Why Lennox is Your Biggest Ally! | AC Rebates Hamilton

It’s summer! The first thing you do when you get home is flip the switch on your AC and unwind in the cool breeze. But wait. Something is amiss. Your AC isn’t quite up to the job. It lets out lukewarm air or worse, refuses to turn on at all. Uh oh, you’re in a pickle.

Don’t fret because this is a blessing in disguise! It’s time to replace your old AC with a brand new model – one that meets your cooling requirements and keeps you and your family comfortable this summer.

In this article, we explore the benefits of installing a Lennox air conditioner in your Vaughan home.


Lennox – Does It Really Live Up to the Hype?

In a word – Yes. It absolutely does! Lennox ACs are widely considered to be the most efficient when it comes to their performance, hence their indomitable presence in the industry today.

What brand of central air conditioner is the best? By its own account, Lennox has pushed for innovation, reliability, and performance for over 120 years. Whether you’re looking for quality heating and cooling appliances – this brand is basically your one-stop-shop destination.

Most models are certified Energy Star for its efficiency. The Lennox Signature Collection XC25, in particular, is a frontrunner for the brand as a whole, with it been deemed the most efficient split system with a 26 SEER.

Is Lennox the best air conditioner? When it comes to technical specifications, Lennox isn’t one to be left in the dust. The brand offers a wide array of models – each designed to cater to their consumers’ very specific requirements. Whether you’re going for affordability, low-efficiency, premium quality or climate control features – there’s something for everyone.

What is the warranty offered by Lennox? Based on the model you select, Lennox provides a basic limited warranty period for your unit that can range anywhere between 5 years to the unit’s lifetime. Extended Warranty options are also available. This comprehensive coverage is aimed at offering consumers peace of mind while also protecting their investment down the road.


The Benefits of Buying a Lennox AC

You probably don’t have time to read this entire article word for word. So let’s skip to the chase. Here are some of the major reasons to shop Lennox.

  • The brand’s high-efficiency air conditioners decrease costs and energy usage by as high as 60%
  • There are 2 variable-capacity design models that offer the efficiency you need at the great cost options so that you can also enjoy premium climate control
  • Several Lennox ACs abide by Energy Star’s criteria, meaning you can be confident in your investment right from the get-go
  • If you’re not going for an efficient AC, Lennox offers plenty of other more affordable options
  • The brand offers amazing rebates to its consumers from quite some energy companies – you can save tremendously just by turning in your old money-guzzling unit for a new Lennox system
  • Optimize energy and comfort by taking advantage of the full range of heating, cooling, and ventilation options – when coordinating these systems with compatible units, you will access phenomenal comfort and equally phenomenal savings
  • With certain models, you will get a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat. This lets you control and oversee the HVAC system from wherever you are just by using a smart device
  • Lennox isn’t kidding when they claim to be the frontrunner for innovation and reliability – the brand is among the top 7 brands as far as performance and customer satisfaction are concerned


Lennox AC Models

To make it easier to browse, we’ve listed Lennox’s top models based on the primary feature they cater to.

Energy Efficiency

When you choose a Lennox unit that is Energy Star certified, you simply can’t go wrong. This simple move immensely decreases your monthly energy bills. Energy Star is a government-sponsored program that helps homeowners find a purchase that saves the environment and reduces harmful emissions.

Top Products:

  • Dave Lennox Signature® Collection – XC25 Air Conditioner
  • Elite Series® – XC16 Multi-Stage Air Conditioner
  • Elite Series® – XC20 Air Conditioner


Precise Temperature Control

Lennox is proud of the fact that every last product is built to make homeowners feel comfortable. Not only that, their innovative appliances provide quiet operation and precise temperature controls to enhance the air quality in your premises. This helps you reach optimal indoor temperatures quicker along with the right humidity levels. The bottom line? Save quite some on your utility bills every month!

Top Products:


Allergen Filtration

The buildup of dust in your home makes breathing quite hard for everyone involved. Pollen, mold spores and chemicals cause sneezing, coughing and could trigger allergy issues. Lennox offers Healthy Climate® purification or filtration with its models to fight indoor allergens. This technology can catch even the smallest of particles and prevent them from being recirculated.

Top Products:

  • Dave Lennox Signature® Collection – XC25 Air Conditioner
  • Elite Series® – XC20 Air Conditioner
  • Merit Series® – 14ACX Air Conditioner


Humidity Control

Your brand new Lennox AC handles indoor humidity control needs in a smart and intuitive manner. Your home will be healthier than ever before and comfortable all year round. Of course, this brings with it huge energy savings perks as well.

Top Products:

  • Dave Lennox Signature® Collection – XC25 Air Conditioner
  • Elite Series® – XC20 Air Conditioner
  • Merit Series® – 14ACX Air Conditioner


Quiet Operation

Noise? No thanks! Lennox offers a range of ACs that come with SilentComfort™ technology, making it 50% quieter than your regular AC. This is a great way to keep decibel levels to a minimum and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Top Products:

  • Dave Lennox Signature® Collection – XC25 Air Conditioner
  • Elite Series® – XC20 Air Conditioner
  • Dave Lennox Signature® Collection – SL18XC1 Air Conditioner


Enjoy These Amazing Rebates on Your Next AC Installation!

Lennox is tied to several energy companies and gives its customers some truly remarkable rebates. For a limited time, Constant Home Comfort offers homeowners a wide variety of grants and rebates offered by the Government and utility companies in Ontario when they shop Lennox products.

Depending on where you reside, you may or may not qualify for certain rebate opportunities. Find out which rebates you qualify for by contacting us today.

Here’s how it works! We will do the following:

  • Provide advice on how to maximize your comfort and savings
  • Inform you of which rebates you are eligible for
  • Purchase and install your new energy-efficient cooling system
  • Get rid of your old AC for you
  • Handle your rebate application from start to finish
  • Provide quality post-purchase support


Our customers have saved as much as $1,500 in rebates when installing Lennox products. You can be next!


Need Urgent AC Repair or Installation?

Constant is here to help! Join other GTA homeowners and save thousands with your new high-efficiency product. Our skilled HVAC technicians also provide reliable same-day repairs for your Lennox air conditioner!

Interested? We’re one phone call away!

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