Psst! Use These Tips to Prepare Your A/C For the 2019 Summer Season!

Psst! Use These Tips to Prepare Your A/C For the 2019 Summer Season!

Uh oh! It’s the first day of summer and you switch on your A/C – only to find that it doesn’t work. Your heart practically sinks realizing that you’ll have to put up with immense discomfort until you figure out a solution.


Great news! The above scenario doesn’t have to happen to you! We’re still a couple of weeks shy of the summer season, therefore, now is the best time to take the right steps.


Your home’s air conditioning unit needs to be in tip-top shape for the summer. In this article, we share some useful measures to ensure that there’s nothing amiss with your A/C, lest you and your family be forced to bear the brunt of the sweltering summer months.


We also explore how you can get the right technician to repair your Keeprite air conditioner system in Markham, should the problem be too big to fix by yourself.


Busted A/C? Here’s What You Should Know First

The burning question on your mind right now is: Why is my air conditioner not working? If your HVAC system is not in functioning order when you switch it on, don’t fret.

It’s only natural that, after an extended period of disuse during Canada’s 7-month winter, your A/C has fallen into neglect. The following could be some of the reasons why;

  • Blocked air filters
  • Dirty fans
  • Dirty coils
  • Leaky refrigerants
  • Overload due to heavy use
  • Old system

This leads us to another important question; Why is my air conditioner running but not cooling the house? One or a combination of reasons could cause this;

  • The thermostat is programmed to “On” instead of “Auto”
  • Malfunctioning condenser
  • Inadequate refrigerant
  • Poor compressor
  • Dirty outside unit
  • Dirty air filters


How to Solve the Problem Before Calling a Technician

There’s hope yet! Here’s what you should do to get your system up and running!

Important: If you aren’t very certain of your handyman prowess, it’s best not to experiment (lest you accidentally worsen the issue). Instead, skip to our “A/C Technician to the Rescue!” section below.


The Thermostat Could Be the Cause

The first phase of your DIY repair is to examine the thermostat to ensure that it’s attached the right way and works well.

Alternatively, we recommend installing a program-friendly thermostat so that you can enjoy greater energy savings in your home. Such types of systems are very simple to install and require just a handful of tools.


Check on Your Air Filters

This is perhaps the easiest step, yet one that most people neglect to do. Clean or replace your air filters at least twice a year as these can become congested with dust. In turn, air flow is restricted and this reduces the efficiency of the system. Additionally, the system will then begin to circulate dust in your household.


Inspect A/C Condensor Lines

The pipe that is tasked with transporting the condensation away from the A/C could get clogged. This backs up the system and leads to a huge repair bill. To alleviate this outcome, examine where the pipe drains and make sure that the draining happens properly.


Clear Away Contaminants From the Exterior Unit

Stones, weed, grass, moss, and insects can become lodged in the grille that houses the condenser unit. These will disrupt how the fans function. You should keep an eye out for any items that infiltrate the unit and scoop or vacuum them.

You can use a rag to clean the fan blades and tighten any loose mounting bolts that you detect. If yours is a system whose fans have oil ports, apply a few drops of oil to lubricate them. Clean up any excess water that sits inside the unit as well as all of these factors will eventually affect the air flow.


Inspect Coolant Lines

The pipes that connect the evaporating system to the condenser are usually insulated by a foam coolant so as to ensure that there is no leakage of energy. As such, you ought to make sure that the insulation isn’t damaged or missing.


Inspect Refrigerant Levels

If there is any leakage in the system, it means you are losing out on precious refrigerant. Since this isn’t cheap, it could end up costing you a tidy sum to replace. In some cases, you may need to call in a technician so that they can use a gauge to examine the refrigerant pressures. If they’re in excess or not enough, servicing will be called for.


If That Doesn’t Work, What Next? A/C Technician to The Rescue!

For most people, it isn’t always easy to detect the problem. Fiddling with your system without the right knowledge could, in fact, worsen the issue.

At such a juncture, we strongly recommend calling in a trusted and professional technician.

Constant Home Comfort offers emergency air conditioning repair services at very affordable rates. No longer will you have to be burdened by a broken system. Our licensed HVAC technicians have seen it all – there’s absolutely nothing they can’t handle. We offer;

  • quotes within minutes
  • fast installation
  • 24/7 repair services in the GTA


Repair Costs

How much does it cost to fix an air conditioner? It all depends on the brand and whether yours is a packaged system. Usually, repairing minor parts could cost anywhere between $600 to $2000.


Replacement Costs

If you decide that your system is beyond help and are looking to replace it, you may be wondering; how much is a 13 SEER air conditioner? A 13-14 SEER A/C and coil can rake up an estimate of $1,435. If you’re factoring in the installation cost for the A/C and coil, you’re looking at an additional $2,770. This brings us to a total estimate of $4,205 for a new 13 SEER air conditioner system.

When should I replace my A/C? Replacement is only advisable if your A/C is over 8 years old and the cost of repair is more than 50% of the cost of a brand new unit.


Beat the Heat
Get a Qualified Technician to Take a Look At Your A/C!

The HVAC technicians at Constant know their jobs like the back of their hand. You can be assured of same-day repair services for your GTA home. To boot, you can access amazing quotes that you wouldn’t get anywhere else!


Fix your A/C before the summer arrives. Contact us to learn how we can help you.
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