Relieving Winter Allergies With the Right Humidifier For Your Home: Special Rebates Just In Time For The Holidays!  

Relieving Winter Allergies With the Right Humidifier For Your Home: Special Rebates Just In Time For The Holidays!  

Air purifiers, or air humidifiers as known to some, are wonderful HVAC systems that clean the air inside your home. Especially during those cold winters, a well-functioning humidifier can remove dangerous particles and harmful allergens that may be floating around. These can come from ventilation shafts, fireplaces, and built-up dust in corners among others. Since many people need to be inside for the winter to stay warm, it’s imperative you have an air humidifier contractor check, evaluate, and maintain your air purifier system. 

We’ll go over the purpose and benefits of using an air purifier in your home and why you should utilize it during the winter. An air purifier helps clean stale air that’s often in your home in the wintertime, and we can provide you with the best brands on the market!

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What Is the Purpose of An Air Purifier? 

The purpose of an air purifier is to clear out allergens and particles in order to create cleaner, purified air. This refined output can significantly reduce aggravated allergy symptoms that can occur within your home. During the winter, there are high indoor allergen concentrations in certain areas of your home. The air purifier uses special built-in filters to circulate the surrounding air and collect the irritating particles 

While many people use purifiers or humidifiers in the spring during the pollen season, some choose to forego their use during the winter because of the low humidity and colder temperatures. Yet, this is actually when homeowners can most benefit from its use. The air purifier removes dust mites, mould spores, pet dander, and other dangerous particles that may be floating in your space. 

These elements can expose you to dangerous allergic attacks, so it’s important you have a functioning air purifier or humidifier installed. Let’s explore why you should use an air purifier in your home during the winter. 


Should You Use An Air Purifier In The Winter?

If you’re planning to stay indoors for longer periods of time to escape the cold winter, then a well-functioning air purifier is needed in your home. This is because there’s less natural ventilation circulating around due to windows and doors being sealed shut. While this may do wonders on your energy bill savings, the indoor air becomes more stagnant and contaminated with irritants. This includes an uptick in bacteria and viruses that can lead to higher exposure to disease and sickness. Germs that you bring from outside can linger when you return home, exposing you to more flu and colds. 

An air purifier or humidifier connected to your HVAC system can remove and eliminate harmful particles to prevent you from getting sick. If you live with someone who is immunocompromised or has a chronic illness, they can greatly benefit from having them in their homes. 

Additionally, if you have pets in your home, they are spending just as much time indoors as you are. An air purifier can significantly reduce the amount of fur and dander that can fly around in frequently used areas. With the help of a purifier, you can produce clean, high-quality air that is free of allergens, dander, and dangerous bacteria. 


Does An Air Purifier Help Clean Stale Air In The Winter?

Air purifiers and humidifiers work to clear up stale air and replace it with cleaner air. It can be difficult to get a good flow going in the winter because you can’t open any doors or windows (unless you want to freeze) and your ventilation may not be performing at its peak. Air purifiers are great because they transform certain areas of your home by allowing indoor air to move more freely. Oftentimes, their units have three to four fan speeds that let you choose the right setting for your home. 

Additionally, there are several energy rebates available for homeowners to take advantage of. They come courtesy of federal and provincial government initiatives focused on energy-efficient appliances and homes. At Constant Home Comfort Hamilton, we have a wide selection of energy-saving humidifiers in stock that can clean indoor air while using less energy than other appliances. 

Learn more about the benefits of these rebates and install a new humidifier in your home this winter. Our team at Constant Home Comfort Hamilton is available 24/7 for HVAC service, repair, and sales to help you stay warm from the cold. 

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