Save Money With an Energy Efficient Furnace

energy-conservation-programWhen it comes time to replace your old furnace choose an energy efficient product. Not only will this positively affect your energy bills saving you heating costs, you are also helping to decrease air pollution made by power plants. Finally, an energy efficient furnace can improve the air quality in your house.

Constant Home Comfort offers top quality products and rebates. These high efficiency furnaces will heat your home and save you money. High efficiency gas furnaces use an electronic ignition technology which was created to eliminate the pilot light. Therefore, the electronic spark ignition saves energy as it is only turned on when the furnace is operating.

A high efficiency gas furnace also offers an automatic vent damper that improves thermal regulation by shutting the fuel pipe and forbidding the use of fuel when the burner is not engaged. This is known as the pulse combustion technology.

The air circulation with a gas furnace offers controlled air flow which contributes to the order of your gas furnace and safety of your home.

To get the most out of your heating bills, picking a high efficiency gas furnace is an excellent choice. This reliable and economical choice is a prominent option that improves your home’s value and comfort.

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