Save on Energy and Utility Costs With a Tankless Water Heater! | Tankless Water Heater Rebates in Ontario

Save on Energy and Utility Costs With a Tankless Water Heater! | Tankless Water Heater Rebates in Ontario

A water heater is typically “out of sight out of mind” for many people, they grow accustomed to how water works in their house or building and the thought of replacement or upgrading never comes up until your tank is in need of repairs or something happens else. But what if by switching your system to a tankless water heater you could have a better experience with water in your home and even save money?

Constant Home Comfort offers tankless water heater rebates in Ontario, providing you with top-quality tankless water heaters at a fantastic cost all across the GTA.


How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work for Me?

Tankless water heaters, provide on-demand water heating, giving you a continuous supply of hot water and completely eliminating the need for any bulky large water tanks in your home. Instantaneous heating means hot water doesn’t just sit around stored in a tank, which means no more running out of hot water. Everyone hates the experience of a nice hot relaxing shower suddenly going freezing cold because you ran out of hot water, with a tankless water heater that issue will be fully in the past.


Benefits of Going For a Tankless Water Heater

So now you now hot water won’t run out, no matter if your family has 5 people or 10 but there are additional benefits to it too. By being fully on-demand you are only going to pay for hot water when you want it if you want it, no paying for water to sit around in a tank and keep hot for the chance you might use it. This is perfect for hot summers when you will use less hot water as compared to winter and situations where you go on vacation, a business trip, out camping, etc. 

Tankless water heaters also tend to last a lot longer than many tank water heaters, tankless heaters typically have a lifespan of 20+ years while a traditional heater can last approximately 15 years. So there are additional savings in the long run, costing less on your energy or hydro bill to run and lasting longer than competitors. 

An obvious advantage is that it is tankless, this is perfect for families living in smaller homes or looking into using their basement to its fullest potential. Tankless water heaters are all wall-mounted taking up significantly less space than a tank.


Rebates Now Available on Tankless Water Heaters!

Constant Home Comfort carries industry-leading Energy Star products that will allow you to save BIG this winter.  By investing in a Tankless Water Heater energy-friendly product, you will be cutting down on your utility costs and saving as much as 25%* on your purchase.

Traditional tanks may seem tempting just by looking at the price but after learning about the benefits of tankless and how it can save you with a long-lasting life span and savings with utility costs its easy to see the advantage of going tankless. Whether you have a large family and use up hot water quickly or you are not using hot water regularly a tankless option can be perfect for your lifestyle.

Constant Home Comfort is one of the leading brands within the industry providing you not only with rebates that range from $1,300 to $2,300 that you can take advantage of to offset the costs of upgrading to a tankless home but also fantastic quality emergency repairs and same-day installation.

Learn more about our fantastic rebates and tankless water heater options but getting in touch today!

Contact our expert team at 1-888-675-5907 to get started!

Great news!

Constant Home Comfort is now providing services in Kanata and Nepean! Lennox and American Standard AC repair services in Kanata and NepeanLennox and American Standard AC installation in Kanata and Nepean, skilled HVAC technicians and amazing rebates!

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