Should I Buy a Lennox AC? What Are the Benefits? | Lennox AC Installation London

Should I Buy a Lennox AC? What Are the Benefits? | Lennox AC Installation London

It’s getting to that time of the year again. Temperatures will soon start soaring, are you sure your air conditioner is up for the job?

Before the summer rolls into town, it’s a great idea to inspect your existing AC and ascertain if you need to replace your old money-guzzling unit with a brand new system. 

If you’re thinking of buying a new unit, why not opt for a high-efficiency Lennox AC installation for your London home? Lennox is one of the leading brands in the market and guarantees years of uninterrupted service along with a great parts warranty!

Constant Home Comfort London is a Lennox Premier Care dealer. We have access to the latest products and stock the best Lennox ACs for every home size and requirement. Our skilled HVAC technicians are available for emergency Lennox AC repairs in Waterloo and London. If you need a new system, we can point out an affordable option for you and get it up and running very quickly. 

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Why Should I Buy a Lennox Air Conditioner?

Lennox pushes for innovation, reliability, and performance. Whether you’re looking for quality heating and cooling appliances – this brand is basically your one-stop-shop destination.

Most models are certified Energy Star for their efficiency. The Lennox Signature Collection XC25, in particular, is a frontrunner for the brand as a whole, with it being deemed the most efficient split system with a 26 SEER.


Best-in-Class Comfort

Lennox is a trusted supplier and has been in the industry for several decades. All its HVAC products are engineered to deliver outstanding services for every home, lifestyle and budget. Rest assured, your Lennox investment will be more than worthwhile and you won’t be looking at a replacement for at least a decade!


Outstanding Indoor Air Quality

Recently, we’ve all realized how important air quality is. Lennox uses advanced filtration systems to filter out pollen, dust and allergens in your home and make breathing much easier. Keep your family happy and  healthy during the summer with a brand new Lennox unit!


High-Efficiency Means Lower Bills!

High-efficiency ACs offer more benefits than your standard unit. They enhance dehumidification and circulation very easily. You’ll notice that your home is more comfortable (no hot and cold spots) and your cooling bills are far lower every month!


Precise Temperature Control 

Lennox is proud of the fact that every last product is built to make homeowners feel comfortable. Not only that, their innovative appliances provide quiet operation and precise temperature controls to enhance the air quality in your premises. 


Amazing Warranties

Based on the model you select, Lennox provides a basic limited warranty period for your unit that can range anywhere between 5 years to the unit’s lifetime. Extended Warranty options are also available. 

This comprehensive coverage is aimed at offering consumers peace of mind while also protecting their investment down the road.


Trusted Lennox AC Installation Services in London

CHCL is a Lennox Premier Dealer!


We have the best industry training and are certified to sell and repair Lennox products. Our standards of customer service far exceed those of regular dealers. 

Join other GTA homeowners and save thousands with your new high-efficiency product. Our skilled HVAC technicians also provide reliable same-day services for your Lennox air conditioner!

Call us at (647) 839-8669 today!


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