Should I Get a Single-Stage Gas Furnace or a Two-Stage Gas Furnace? (Cost, Benefits, Home Size) | Furnace Repair Windsor

Should I Get a Single-Stage Gas Furnace or a Two-Stage Gas Furnace? (Cost, Benefits, Home Size) | Furnace Repair Windsor

Winter is around the corner, folks! When the cold arrives, you want to be as comfortable as possible and have your furnace in tip-top condition. Temperature swings, cold spots, and annoying unit noises can all be averted if you plan ahead. 

At Constant Home Comfort, we offer emergency Lennox furnace repairs in Markham and also stock a plethora of brands including Goodman, Armstrong Air and American Standard furnaces. Need a great quote? Our skilled HVAC technicians are happy to come take a look at your unit and get it ready for the colder months. 

If you’re in the market for a new unit, we can help you select one that suits your home’s size and fits within your budget. 

In this article, we help you make that crucial decision between single-stage and two-stage furnaces. Without further ado, let’s delve right in! 

What is a single-stage furnace? These are traditional furnaces, designed to heat your interiors in the coldest weather. This means, they have just the one setting and run on maximum capacity when in operation, regardless of the actual temperature outside. 

What is a two-stage furnace? A two-stage furnace has two heating outputs: low and high. You can accordingly adjust the temperature for cold and milder days. The low setting can meet 80% of a home’s heating requirements, and this also allows it to run for a prolonged period and afford a more even heat distribution. 


Benefits of a Single-Stage Furnace

A single-stage furnace is comprised of a single-speed blower motor and a fixed gas valve. These are less expensive as far as capital costs are concerned, given that the technology is simpler and older than the two-stage model. 

The downside is that the single-stage furnace waits for the indoor temperature to drop quite some before kicking on. It then proceeds to pump out heat on full blast before indicating to the thermostat to shut down. This extreme functionality often causes the house to become either too hot or too cold, giving you very little flexibility by way of controlling the temperature. 


When a Single-Stage Furnace is Ideal

Single-stage furnaces are great for your home if you plan to live there for a short while. As these offer no benefits by way of reducing long-term energy bills, you don’t have to worry about future utility costs. These types of furnaces are perfect for small single-level homes or bungalows as they can heat those interiors evenly.


Benefits of a Two-Stage Furnace

Is a two-stage furnace better? Many homeowners consider a two-stage furnace to be the better option of the two. Here are some of the benefits that come along with it;

  • It delivers a steady flow of air that remains consistent in all rooms
  • The lower fan speed translates into fewer audible sounds
  • The unit is able to run for a longer period, enabling it to improve air quality and circulate the air better
  • The furnace stops and starts a fewer number of times, decreasing the wear-and-tear on components and prolonging the lifespan
  • You don’t have to run the furnace on the high setting and pay a bomb in utility bills


When a Two-Stage Furnace is Ideal

This is perfect for when you live in a multi-level home that has the tendency to have poorly heated zones, hot and cold spots or drastic temperature changes. 

The biggest benefit with a dual-stage furnace is that it provides consistent comfort and is a great long-term buy for homeowners who can afford the initial investment. 


Cost Comparison

Does a two-stage furnace save money? In the long run, it absolutely does. Dual-stage furnaces can be $250 to $600 more than a single-stage furnace on average. However, it is able to give the homeowner greater energy-efficiency and comfortable heat distribution. Dual-stage furnaces are a great cost-saver and drastically cut down on your utility costs. 


Need An Emergency Furnace Replacement For Your Markham Home?

Constant Home Comfort is at your service! Our skilled HVAC technicians will be happy to come take a look at your busted furnace and offer same-day repairs. We stock high-quality parts from top manufacturers like Lennox, Goodman, Keeprite, Armstrong Air and more. 

If you need a furnace replacement, just say the word. Our team will assess your home’s heating requirements and suggest the most affordable option. 

Contact us to fix your furnace before the winter arrives!
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