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Should I Repair or Replacement my Keeprite A/C?

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We’ve all been there before; you get ready to boot up your trusty Keeprite air conditioner for the warm Summer months in Markham, only to discover that it has broken down during the Winter. While it might be easy to assume that replacing your Keeprite A/C is the best choice for you and your household, this is not always the case. If this situation sounds familiar, it’s time to learn when is the best time to repair or replace your Keeprite air conditioner. Learn more today by reading our blog below!

How Old Is Your Keeprite A/C?

The most experienced HVAC technicians will all tell you the same thing: the age of your Keeprite air conditioner will play a huge role in deciding whether you should repair or replace the unit. We at Constant Home Comfort like to loosely follow the 5k rule. You take the age of the air conditioning unit in years and multiple the repair cost by it. If the total is over 5,000, then replacement might be a better option.

Of course, this is not a end-all rule; it is always better to get the opinion of a skilled and trained HVAC professional before making any decisions.

Is Your A/C Energy Efficient? If Not, Replace

While Keeprite makes very energy efficient air conditioning models, some other brands do not. If your old air conditioner is costing you money and energy, it is in your best interest to replace the unit over repairing it. Repairing an inefficient machine will actually end up costing your more over the months in the form of your utility and energy bills. Even if you score a great deal on a repair, your inefficient air conditioner will continue to make you overspend and waste valuable electricity. Not only is this unkind to your wallet, it is also unkind to the environment!

Get A Professional Opinion

The best way to determine if you need a repair or a replacement is to consult with a professional HVAC technician. They will be able to give you reasonable options and help you decide what is the most cost-effective decision for you and your household.

Need a professional opinion on your Keeprite air conditioner? Contact the trained professionals and Constant Home Comfort today. Reach us at: 1-888-675-5907!

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