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Spring Is Here | Is Your Home Set Up For Comfort With A Ductless Air Handler?

Spring Is Here | Is Your Home Set Up For Comfort With A Ductless Air Handler?

As the spring weather warms up to long, summer days with heat, air conditioners have traditionally been the most preferred equipment to deliver cool air within your home. However, there is a popular alternative you can consider installing instead of a power-hungry AC unit. A ductless air handler (or mini-split ductless air handler) is an air system that is efficient, flexible, customization, and definitely worth your investment once the warm air rolls in. The ductless air handler price is fairly affordable and can save you more money and energy for your home in the long run. 

At Constant Home Comfort, we’re a Lennox dealer and HVAC repair service that helps homeowners modernize their homes towards energy efficiency and provides helpful maintenance. By using a ductless air handler for your home, you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable home experience that uses less energy than an AC unit and is much quieter. 

Ductless air handlers can be a helpful tool for your home, especially if you need consistent levels of cool air during those hot summers. Get in touch with our contractor team at Constant Home Comfort today to start installing your new air handler for your home and get rebates along the way!

What Is A Mini-Split Ductless Air Handler?

Ductless air handlers involve installing two main pieces of equipment: an outdoor compressor/condenser that cools and heats and an indoor air handler part that distributes air. More parts may be needed depending on the square foot of your home. These components are connected through a shared power conduit, linking individual rooms to the outdoor compressor. The indoor air handler unit contains evaporator coils cooled with refrigerant that help it function.  

The process works by delivering warm air that blows over from your room to be absorbed by the coils. From there, the refrigerant from the coils transfers all that interior heat to the outdoor unit. These power and refrigerant lines often run through your home’s exterior walls, eliminating any need for ducts in traditional HVAC systems. 

Whereas a central indoor HVAC is connected by long lengths of ductwork transporting cool and warm air back and forth, a mini-split ductless air handler system puts small units directly in each room. They’re known to be easy to install and blend in better within different rooms. They’re also quite energy-efficient and quiet when it runs. 

Mini-split ductless air handlers are also mounted on walls to deliver cool air to your living space. They use the same cooling process as AC units and can be strategically installed easier in various areas. Examples of common locations include narrow cabinets or small outdoor lots. 

Another benefit to installing a ductless air handler in your home is that it limits allergens and pollutants from entering your home, as well as clearing any existing air in your space. 

How Is A Ductless Air Handler Allergy-Friendly?

Ductless air handlers and their mini-split equipment have special filters that provide cleaner air in rooms wherever they’re installed. It not only helps control the temperature, but also the air quality of your home. This is especially useful if your home has people with serious allergies. 

The spring season often brings annoying pollen that can make your allergy symptoms worse. With a ductless air handler, the air circulation is confined within a closed space, limiting cross-contamination and flow between different rooms. These air handlers pull contaminants, allergens, dust, and dirt away from the air and transfer them elsewhere. They can also purify moisture and humidity in the air, stopping the growth of mold and mildew that can make your allergies worse. 

After a ductless air handler is installed, allergy-prone people within your home can enjoy a more comfortable experience. You can also customize specific settings on these units to go through a “dry mode” that dehumidifies your room without cooling it. This leads us into exploring the many reasons why they’re more affordable than standard AC units. 

Why Is It More Affordable To Install A Mini-Split Air Handler Than A Traditional AC Unit? 

Ductless air handlers are more affordable than traditional air conditioners because of their energy efficiency and initial pricing. Regular ACs have ductwork that may contrarian gaps, tears, and weaknesses that can lead to lost cool air. Moreover, AC units on the window can lead to soaring energy bills, whereas air handlers limit their power consumption when in use. 

Ductless mini-split air handlers are also cheaper to purchase in the long term than an AC unit. This is because it involves installing whole new ductwork from scratch for your home, which can cost a lot. Regular AC units also have more energy, maintenance, and replacement costs over a longer period of time than air handlers. To mitigate the costs, we can offer numerous special energy rebates and credits to incentivize more homeowners to switch to energy-efficient equipment like an air handler. 

Contact Constant Home Comfort today to learn more about ductless air handler units and how they can help you save on your monthly energy bill. Get in touch with us now to see how your home can qualify for a special energy rebate and/or tax credit. 

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