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Spring Tips for Fresher Air at Home

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Spring cleaning is a tradition for clearing out the clutter that accumulated over the Winter, and ushering in fresh new life as the cold weather fades away. One part of the home that many people tend to forget during Spring cleaning is their HVAC systems. These systems help to maintain suitable temperatures indoors and preserve a cozy atmosphere year-round. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to clean their furnace or air conditioner, so scheduling a maintenance check is a better option. A trained technician can not only clean your HVAC system, but they can also optimize its performance, or determine if a new high efficiency furnace or AC is necessary.

Right now you can get HUGE energy rebates by upgrading to a Lennox HVAC system in the Markham area. There are also other ways to take advantage of these rebates, such as well as improving cooling and insulation by maximizing features such as windows and doors. Here’s how you can Spring clean your home for optimal heating and cooling.

Schedule an HVAC Maintenance Check or Upgrade

With the weather improving, you can give your furnace a break from heating up your home. Although the weather is getting nicer, it’s never to early to start thinking about next winter. If you noticed that your energy bills kept increasing over the winter, it’s probably time to start looking into replacing your furnace for a more energy efficient one. Upgrading to a high efficiency furnace, such as one of Lennox’s models, not only will you save on monthly energy, but right now you can also get money back with energy rebates. So not only are you saving money, you’re earning some back too!

Likewise, as it’s not quite hot enough to turn on the AC, you can enjoy the cool Spring breeze get your AC checked out for efficiency as well. To help you properly decide on an HVAC upgrade, it helps to schedule a maintenance check with your HVAC technician. During the maintenance check, they will check your air conditioning unit to make sure that it is still working in optimal condition. This includes things like replacing the filters to keep away allergens and pollutants outside so they won’t affect the quality of air you and your family breathes. A maintenance check will show you how your HVAC’s performance can be optimized to help you save on energy bills. On the other hand, if the maintenance check shows that your HVAC is now outdated and unable to efficiently regulate temperatures indoors, and your energy bills keep increasing, you will need an upgrade.

A new, high efficiency and energy-saving HVAC may sound costly at first, but with an energy efficient model, a dealer that will get you a great deal on your HVAC system, and cash rebates, in the long run you’ll be saving a lot more money. Not only will your family be thanking you, your bank account will too.

Maximize Your Home’s Fixtures

Aside from your HVAC system, there are some other ways you can optimize your Markham home to become more energy efficient. To start, inspect your doors and windows. Check if these need caulking, as the sealant helps in keeping out heat and humidity in the summer, and cold drafts in the winter. By maintaining a cool temperature indoors, you won’t have to blast the AC and rack up electric bills in the process to stay comfortable at home.

You should also check for holes in your windows or screen doors and fix these to keep the cool air in your home and avoid heat from entering as the days warm up. On cooler days, think twice before turning on your air conditioner. Instead, naturally cool your home by opening doors and windows to let fresh air flow in and keep you comfortable. All these will help you save on energy, and in turn energy bills.

Did your Spring cleaning reveal problems HVAC systems? Improve your home’s heating and cooling with an upgraded HVAC system. Schedule a maintenance check in Markham by calling Constant Home Comfort at 1-888-829-1875.

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