Summer AC Issues: What to Watch Out For and Why a Certified Repair Technician is Your Best Bet | AC Repairs in London

Summer AC Issues: What to Watch Out For and Why a Certified Repair Technician is Your Best Bet | AC Repairs in London

Making sure your AC is working in top quality during summer is very important, even a minor issue you might not notice can have your AC working overtime costing you much more than it should. Nobody wants a burning house during summer or a burning summer utilities bill. 

Constant Home Comfort is here to help you with any problems your AC might have and help you return to a comforting cool house even if there is sweltering heat outside. Constant Home Comfort provides AC rebates in Waterloo and even AC repairs in London, giving you the best air conditioner for the best price in Waterloo.


What Issues Could My AC Have?

The most common issue is dirty filters, the more your AC runs, the more often you need to change your filter. Depending on your home environment, pet dander, kids, larger family or high traffic, it might need to be changed more often but most are designed to be replaced every three months. Luckily, a clogged air filter is one of the easiest AC problems to fix

Low refrigerant levels can happen, caused by any small leak of refrigerant. This is a much more involved problem, being best handled by a professional to find any potential leaks and then determine if it’s best to repair or replace.

Inadequate cooling can cause hot spots within your home, not fully keeping your house at the same ideal temperature. Depending on your house size you might have an unfit AC system that does not match well with your houses size or if this issue crops up after months of working fine you might need to call a specialist to take a look and fully inspect.


What Can You Do?

Some like the air filter can easily be handled by you personally but many other issues need a professional eye and hand to determine the right approach. Inadequate cooling and low refrigerant levels can both be caused by something serious and have a huge impact on your house’s cooling and your systems’ impact on your wallet. With an issue such as those, your AC will work overtime trying to cool your home the best it can. 

If your system is running on the older side, or not well equipped for the size of your home then it might be time to look into a newer model as well. If you notice any strange smells or sounds, it’s important to call a technician right away to make sure the problem is correctly diagnosed and taken care of.


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