Superior Daikin Heat Pumps Will Help You Stay Warm & Cozy This Winter | Save Your Money Today!

Superior Daikin Heat Pumps Will Help You Stay Warm & Cozy This Winter | Save Your Money Today!

If you’re experiencing troubles with your furnace or air conditioner, Daikin Heat Pumps are an effective alternative to moving both warm air from one area of your home to another. A Daikin furnace is extremely energy efficient in that it uses heat only when needed during the winter, helping you save more money on your bills. At Constant Home Comfort, we offer Daikin heat pumps in the GTA for many people looking to prep their homes for the winter to keep warm. 

We’ll go over the benefits of a Daikin Heat Pump and how it can heat up your whole home without using too much electricity and why you don’t need to install a heat pump in every room of your house! 


Can A Heat Pump Heat Up The Whole House?

A Daikin Heat Pump has the ability to warm up all areas in your home because it’s integrated with a compressor and liquid refrigerant designed to circulate heat energy more efficiently. During the winter, the heat pump will transfer cold outdoor air and convert it into warm air. The warm air is then recirculated back into your home during the wintertime which can also provide cold air during the hot summers as well, relying on the same process with hot air outside being converted to the cold air inside. 

You can also install these heat pumps in several different rooms to eliminate cold spots throughout your house. They can help maintain comfortable indoor temperature and humidity levels while providing clean air filtration. The heat pumps can remove any airborne particles flying in the air as it works to warm up your home. Surprisingly, it also uses less electricity than you might think. 


Does A Heat Pump Use A Lot Of Electricity?

Daikin Heat Pumps are popular to install in homes because they don’t rely on fossil fuels or electricity to produce warm and cold air. It utilizes less electricity or natural gas than other heating and cooling systems and will reduce your greenhouse gases emissions whenever you use it to warm your home. This is because the volume of warm and cold air produced exceeds the total amount of electricity used during operation, leading to better conversion rates of energy. 

Heat pumps are also cheaper to run than oil and gas boilers, which carry their own hazards if not maintained properly. Moreover, they have a long lifespan of operation that can last up to 50 years. Overall, Daikin Heat Pumps are an extremely reliable and consistent source of heating for your home. Its design is centralized, which means that heat can be fairly distributed across different areas of your home. This means you won’t have to install multiple systems in different rooms, which we’ll go over.  


Do You Need A Heat Pump For Every Room In The House?

Ultimately, you won’t need a Daikin Heat Pump installed in every room. These units are flexible and can be attached from the outdoors or multiple indoor wall-mounted units if needed. Zoning can help you figure out which areas are in need of more heating and where a heat pump is needed. For example, your bedroom could be a little cooler than your living room even though it’s on the same heating system. 

With a Daikin Heat Pump, you’ll be getting a system that allows for efficient heating during the cold months and cool air during the summer. They don’t require too much maintenance and can work for long hours to keep you warm throughout the winter. 

Purchase and install the Daikin Heat Pump today by calling us at 1-(888)-675-5907 or by contacting us HERE for more information. There are always amazing rebates available to help you save money!


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