Take Advantage of HVAC Rebates Now

Purchasing a brand new Lennox AC in Markham can come with a hefty price tag. But with by taking advantage of rebate programs, you can lower the overall cost. Keep reading to find out how.

What Are Rebates?

Rebates are a popular method used by businesses to promote different products and services and entice customers to buy. Rebates are different from coupons and discounts as rather than getting a certain amount off of the final price, you have instead reimbursed money for a part of the purchase after the sale has been finalized. Think of it as getting cash back, but rather the company is giving you the cash rather than it coming out of your bank account. Rebates are used as an incentive to buy a particular product.

While rebates can save you a lot of money on products that you need, especially in terms of HVAC purchases (such as a Lennox AC), you shouldn’t just buy a product to earn rebates. Several different industries use rebates, including the manufacturers of household supplies, small and large appliances, and furnace and air conditioners, to name a few.

How to Apply for Rebates  

The first step in cashing in on a rebate is to purchase the product or service offered. Typically, you have to finalize the purchase so that you can provide proof of purchase for the manufacturer. Next, comes the paperwork; in most cases, this requires you to complete a form provided by the manufacturer. Once the form is filled out, you have to attach any other documents required, such as a receipt, and then mail it to the specified address. Then you wait for the manufacturer to send you the reimbursement.  

When you purchase a new AC from Constant Home Comfort, we make the rebate process even easier because we do everything for you! We provide you with the rebate offer, fill out the form for you, and send it out to the manufacturer with all the required documentation. We even touch base with the manufacturer to ensure that you get your rebate as soon as possible. Most people don’t even end up taking advantage of rebates because they don’t want to bother with the paperwork; when you purchase from us, you don’t have to fill out anything and still get amazing rebate deals!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rebates

If you’re in the market for a product or service, rebates are great way to save money as they provide a partial cash reimbursement for the purchases that is tax-free. For example, if your Lennox AC is constantly breaking down, not working properly, or is constantly increasing your energy bills, it’s time to upgrade to a new, energy-efficient model. Since a new air conditioner can be expensive, rebates help make it more affordable by giving you cash back towards paying for it. In some instances, you might even get enough to pay for the AC entirely. In addition to getting money back, you’ll also be saving on your monthly energy bills. Your bank account will be thanking you.

Sometimes, problems with rebates can occur. For instance, some people have experienced problems with the company honoring their rebate offers due to the inability to keep up with demand. Some companies offer rebates with the hope that only a few people will even bother to take advantage of them and fail to predict the interest in a particular offer and thus plan their rebate processing poorly, resulting in long delays in sending the money to customers.

But when you purchase a new AC or furnace from Constant Home Comfort, we do everything to ensure that these don’t happen to you. We do this by only advertising legitimate rebates to our customers from trustworthy manufacturers or from the government. By doing this we’re ensuring that you are getting a rebate from a company that actually intends to give you your reimbursement in a timely manner. We even touch base with both you and the manufacturer to ensure that you get your rebate.

Interested in taking advantage of Lennox’s rebate offers for a new AC in Markham? We can help in every step of the process. Give us a call today at 1 888-829-1875 and we’ll get you started!

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