Take Advantage of These March Heating and Cooling Rebates in Ontario | Free Attic Insulation for Enbridge Rebates Richmond Hill

Take Advantage of These March Heating and Cooling Rebates in Ontario | Free Attic Insulation for Enbridge Rebates Richmond Hill

When winter arrives, your house gets colder and the heating bills rise. The same applies to hot weather when you start using your air conditioner more. When any of these machines need replacing, the first thing on your mind is cost. 

Luckily, Ontario residents have  Enbridge rebates to help control energy costs and soften initial fees. Not all models qualify for discounts, so it is essential you understand what qualifies and unlock those energy rebates for your next furnace or air conditioner upgrade.

Constant Home Comfort is a reliable and experienced HVAC dealer. We offer free attic insulation for residents in Richmond Hill and are dedicated to finding the best rebates for your heating system purchases. Let’s go over how you can start saving now.


Some Helpful Rebates 

Home Efficiency Rebate from Enbridge and Union Gas: You may qualify for the Home Efficiency Rebate which offers up to $2,150 rebates on furnace installation and as much as $1,400 for attic insulation. Some qualifying installations include installing a high-efficiency water heater, furnace, or boiler, upgrading your basement’s insulation, and improving wall or attic insulation.

Manufacturer Rebates: Do not forget about manufacturer rebate options. Look for any coupon and sales opportunities to provide a quote for a new installation.

Save on Energy Ontario: Take advantage of Ontario’s Save on Energy rebates which feature special money-saving coupons, special incentives, and a peak shaver plus program. 


Ways to Start Lowering Your Energy Costs

Like many Canadians, you are just about to spend the majority of your annual energy budget on heating your home. The same can be said of air conditioners come summertime. 

So we thought this would be the perfect time to share tips to help you lower your energy costs. You can save up to 40 percent on energy by following these simple steps:

Changing Your Furnace Filter: Be sure to change your filter before you start using it this year. Then change it as often as every 30 days thereafter during high-use months.

Inspect Your Furnace: Want to avoid a home fire this winter? Now is the time to have your furnace inspected for safety as well as functionality.

Set Your Water Heater Temperature to 120°F (49°C): This is an ideal level, but if you can get away with setting it even lower, you can save an extra 5 percent per temperature point reduction.

Insulate Your Pipes: Insulation wraps can keep the warm air in to make sure you get 100 percent of the energy benefits you are paying for.

Replace Older Appliances. A furnace or water heater that is well past its prime can’t hope to compete with new energy-efficient versions. You can save up to 20 percent per year on energy costs by making the upgrade.

Plug Open Holes: This includes removing and/or insulating and sealing up spaces where window units and portable HVAC units sit during the warm months. Use inserts to keep cold air from coming in through the chimney and reapply weather stripping to seal up air cracks and leaks


How You Can Get Started

Constant Home Comfort is your trusted HVAC registered under the Enbridge Home Efficiency Program. For a limited time, we’re offering furnace rebates as much as $2,150 and attic insulation rebates up to $1,400 until March 31, 2020.
Get your furnace revamped before time runs out! You can visit our homepage for more information or contact us directly. 


Great news! We’re now also providing HVAC services to Kanata, Nepean and other areas in Ottawa. Check out the services we have to offer.  24/7 Affordable, Same-Day HVAC Services, Repairs and Rebates (Furnace and AC Contractor) in Kanata.

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