The Benefits Of A High Efficiency Air Conditioner

Replacing your air conditioning and heating system with a high efficiency air conditioner has many advantages. This step can save you hundreds of dollars in utility expenses, reduce negative impact on the environment, increase your home value and most importantly clean the air that you and your family breathe. There are many of these conditioners in the market, which makes the task of selecting the right one rather challenging. The following are benefits of such a system compared to the convectional one.

The efficiency of these systems is measured according to the SEER ratings. SEER, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is a measure of how efficiently a cooling system will operate is the outdoor temperature is kept at a specific level, which is usually 95 degrees Fahrenheit. High efficiency systems are those whose SEER ratings are high, usually above 16.

Lower energy bills


Heating and cooling accounts a big percentage of your monthly bill. By getting rid of your old system and upgrading, you stand to save close to 30% of your total monthly energy bills. This is because most of these new systems run on lower speeds as compared to the conventional ones, hence consuming less electrical energy.

Better performance and longer life

These systems usually come with advanced features such as variable speed air handles and two stage compressors. These advancements not only allow them to consume much more less energy but also make your home more comfortable. Since they are built to maximize efficiency and minimize on-and-off cycling, they experience less needs for repairs thus longer life.

Why you should select the right contractor


System sizing and proper installation are critical to energy efficiency and home comfort. It is thus important that you hire a reputable contractor when thinking of installing or repairing your conditioner. There are many contractors in the industry; hence you should check the following factors first before settling on one.



Checking if a specific contractor being considered is licensed is the first thing you should do. A license is your best proof that the individual has the qualifications and certifications to enable him provide these services. A licensed contractor will also strive to provide services according to the set industry standards and rules.


You definitely want to hire an individual who has been in the industry for a number of years. Such an individual is most likely aware of the best appliance in the market and which one will be suitable for your home or building. He will thus advise you on which type of cooling system to buy, where to buy and which model to buy. You may also consider checking his reputation by talking to some of his past clients or reading reviews on his services.

When considering purchasing a heating and air conditioning system, it is prudent that you considered its efficiency. Conduct a research to understand you home cooling needs and sizing. The services of a qualified cooling and heating systems contractor would be beneficial especially if you find it hard to do the research by yourself.

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