The Deadline is Here! Take Advantage of These Amazing Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebates now | American Standard Furnace Prices Vaughan

The Deadline is Here! Take Advantage of These Amazing Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebates now | American Standard Furnace Prices Vaughan

We Canadians share a close bond with the winter season as it refuses to leave us even in the springtime. All you need is a cozy and well-heated house to keep yourself motivated. Hence, every year Enbridge rebates let you earn amazing rebates upon furnace replacement or repair. Save smart before this year’s rebate program expires on March 31, 2020. 

Constant Home Comfort is your trusted source in providing the best American Standard furnace prices in Vaughan. Whether you need a Lennox furnace repair service in Richmond Hill or an emergency furnace installation project in Hamilton, we’ve technicians working 24/7 all across the province. Moreover, this year you can qualify to earn furnace rebates as much as $2,150 and attic insulation rebates up to $1,400 before March 31, 2020


How do I get rebates on my new furnace? 

Well, it’s not that complicated to receive rebates on your new furnace installation, all you need to do is contact a local energy advisor and fill out an online application to get your first energy assessment done. Once the assessment is done properly, it’ll unfold what home improvements are required to cut down on energy expenses and increase your home comfort. 

Now, let’s look at the bight side of installing a furnace with amazing Enbridge efficiency rebates. 


Cost-effective furnace installation:

Taking advantage of Enbridge energy efficiency rebates makes it affordable for homeowners to install heating appliances this winter. When homeowners get a high-efficiency furnace installed by a retailer registered under the Enbridge Home Efficiency Program, they redeem up to 25 percent off the purchase price. 


Save money on your utility bills: 

After you’ve invested all that money into your brand-new energy-efficient upgrades, you certainly save on your power expenses. Enbridge Home Efficiency rebates not only allow you to reduce furnace installation charges but help you cut off monthly energy expenses. 


Energy conservation initiative:

The Energy Savings Rebate program ensures energy savings in an affordable way by providing energy-efficient home equipment. These everyday appliances ranging from furnaces to water heaters, utilize very limited energy and ultimately contributes to climate change initiatives. 


What are the best home energy efficiency rebates of this season? 

This year Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebates brought two limited-time bundle offers for homeowners in Ontario. 

  • Bundle Offer 1: You can receive a $2,150 rebate upon upgrading-


-Attic Insulation

-Air Sealing

  • Bundle Offer 2: Get a $14,00 rebate when you upgrade-

-Attic insulation*

-Air Sealing

You better hurry up, as these amazing rebates will be gone in no time. Upgrade your heating and home appliances before March 31, 2020.  


Looking for an HVAC Dealer?

Finding the right contractor isn’t an easy job as not all the energy retailers are registered under the Enbridge Home Efficiency Program. Once you’ve completed the energy assessment successfully, it’s time to find a trusted furnace contractor.


Constant Home Comfort is a reliable and experienced HVAC dealer and dedicated to getting you the best rebates to reduce the cost of your purchase. Be it high quality and affordable furnace installation, repair or replacement, our savvy technicians are available 24/7. Contact us today to get hold of the best rebates of this year!

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