The Vital Ingredients for a Warm and Comfortable Home

When we hear people talk about the comforts of home we generally think about easy chairs, comfortable beds and cozy sofas, but in truth we are talking about the surroundings and atmosphere. The chair and bed are the tangible things that supply comfort, but the intangible are just as important. One of those intangible things is the climate, which can be different at different times of the year as well as in different locations, to help keep our homes at comfortable temperatures we need to have the correct appliances and habits. Below are some things to help you keep warm and comfortable

Air Conditioning


If you live in a hot climate you will know what it is like to spend all day feeling hot and stick. It is not a pleasant feeling and drives you to shower every hour or so. If you are outside you hope that there will be a breeze so that you can stand in the shade and get some respite, indoors you turn on a fan and stand in front of it. Now that we have air conditioning though, sweaty sticky days are behind us. No longer do you need to suffer in the heat, with the simple flick of a switch and turn of a dial you can have your room at the perfect temperature for you. When it is hot your air con unit is your best friend.


At the opposite end of the scale to being hot and sweaty is shivering because of the cold. Obviously we can wrap up in layer after layer of clothes, but is that comfort? Definitely not! There is nothing worse than getting ready for bed in a freezing room and sliding into an ice like bed, but it is so easily avoided. After installing a furnace in your home you can have controllable heat distributed around your home and even have different temperatures for separate rooms. No matter how it is fueled, be it gas, oil, or wood, and no matter how the heat is transferred, you can now enjoy warmth in your home all year round.


Whether you are heating your home or keeping it cool, you will want to maintain the temperature with as little energy used as possible. All homes suffer temperature transfer, whether the cold is getting hot or the hot is getting cold. To lessen the cost of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature you will need it insulated. Your roof should be your starting point as this is where most heat is lost, after that you need to insulate your walls as well. There are many insulating materials and vary from cavity insulation to insulating boards, but if you don’t install something your heating bills could be too much. You also need to think about heat transfer in the summer. The cold air you are creating in your living room can seep through cracks in walls and badly fitting windows and doors. Thermal windows and units are great for keeping the cold in and there are many sealed units available as doors and windows.

If your home is a comfortable temperature you will find that you yourself can become happier and more relaxed. Why be uncomfortable when it’s so easy not to be?

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