These Air Conditioning Myths Are Costing You Money! Qualify For Our Enbridge Home Energy Rebates Today!

These Air Conditioning Myths Are Costing You Money! Qualify For Our Enbridge Home Energy Rebates Today!

The summer is here – is your AC ready for the challenge?

Our reliable energy auditor can assist in helping you understand the best ways to use your AC more efficiently and provide real savings and rebates. 

At Constant Home Comfort, we’re a professionally certified service organization that offers homeowners Enbridge home energy rebates and free energy grants for furnaces. Our expert home energy audits are experienced and knowledgeable about ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency and HVAC system use. To learn more about our auditing process and how you can qualify for energy rebates, contact us to request a proposal today. 

Thousands of Canadians are already taking advantage of the free energy grants for AC, Furnace, Heat Pumps, Water Heater, Attic and Basement insulation, Windows and Doors. Information is simple and free!


Will A Larger HVAC System Keep My Home Cooler Than A Smaller One?

One of the most common myths about air conditioners is that a larger HVAC system will keep your home cooler than a smaller one. This is not true because it’s not about the size of your AC, but the way it functions in the right space of your home. Installing the correctly sized AC will make a significant impact on enhancing your comfort and reducing your energy bills. 

Bigger air conditioners do not necessarily mean better performance. For example, after you’ve turned off your AC for a while when you’re not home, your AC can start up and cool your home too quickly when you turn it on again. This will cause the AC’s compressor to turn itself on and off constantly, shortening its lifespan and increasing your electricity usage. This can lead to higher energy bills and inefficiency which leads to more repair sessions.

As such, being aware of the real information regarding HVAC and AC systems will help you avoid higher monthly energy bills and keep your home much cooler. Another common myth is whether scheduling routine or annual maintenance is best for your AC. 

Do I Need Routine AC Maintenance Or Can I Just Leave It Throughout The Year?

Another common HVAC myth is the need to have routine maintenance performed on your AC unit. While this may be useful if your AC is older or in need of regular maintenance, the newer models just need an annual checkup and maintenance appointment to keep themselves running well. 

Scheduled service and cleaning will keep your AC unit operating efficiently and help auditors catch any potential problems that may occur. At a minimum, you should aim to have it serviced each year around mid-spring or fall to get their most ideal performance. This should be done in preparation for the high demand for cool air during the summer. 

An unserviced AC unit can lose about 5% of its energy efficiency every year and uses more energy the more it’s utilized. This will not only strain your HVAC system but also increase your chance of replacing it with a more expensive replacement. 

Even though regular HVAC maintenance is not necessarily needed for some homeowners, it definitely has its benefits. You will get to mitigate your AC maintenance costs to smaller, less expensive price totals at the end of the day. An annual inspection will also save you money and time by giving you a diagnosis on your AC unit and taking around 1-2 hours to complete. 

Should I Turn Off My AC When I’m Leaving My House?

A final HVAC myth to reconsider is whether or not you should turn off your AC completely when leaving your home. This tactic should only be done during extended periods of absence from your home. Your AC will have to work harder after you’ve come back from home on a daily basis. Rather than turning it off completely, consider leaving the thermostat at a low temperature or using an automated setting to turn it off at the right time. 

Doing this will protect your home’s mould and bugs, reducing indoor humidity being built up. It can also save you as much as 10% on your annual cooling costs. Additionally, it will also keep you more comfortable during the night and maintain a consistent cooling temperature. 

Contact our reliable CHC team today to learn more about how our energy auditors will help you debunk more HVAC myths and reduce your overall energy costs. Work with us to see if your home qualifies for money-saving energy rebates! 

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