Think You Need a Furnace Check-up? Here Are Some Ways Maintenance Can Save Your Fortune! | Furnace Maintenance Services London

Think You Need a Furnace Check-up? Here Are Some Ways Maintenance Can Save Your Fortune! | Furnace Maintenance Services London

Your furnace is the best defence against the cold, harsh wintery Canadian weather. Over time, however, it can perform poorly due to overwork or neglected maintenance. Like the car you drive, a good check-up can be beneficial for your furnace. We want to help you find the problem and fix it for you. 

Constant Home Comfort London (CHCL) is London’s trusted HVAC home energy dealer. We have several years of experience providing furnace maintenance services in London, Ontario. We want to provide high-quality and cost-effective products for all your heating and cooling needs. 

Here are some tips on preparing your furnace for maintenance and how to inspect it to find any issues. CHCL is one of the top dealers in Lennox furnaces and we’ll provide the best advice for your furnace maintenance. 


How to Inspect Your Furnace

The first thing you can start with is by inspecting your home’s air filter. Their importance to your home’s furnace efficiency cannot be overstated because filthy air filters can contribute to a number of comfort problems for homeowners like restricted airflow, reduced efficiency, and increased energy bills

It’s also important to double-check your thermostat and make sure the temperature setting is above the current indoor temperature. When you’re first moving your heat setting, turn your thermostat a little bit to ensure that it is operating properly and heating your home’s air.

Contrary to popular money-saving beliefs, you should open up your air vents. If you are closing them, try not to close too many, as doing so can increase the furnace’s pressure, making it work harder to heat your home. This can result in failed blower motors, mould or mildew in your air ducts, damage to the compressor, a burst heat exchanger, and other problems.

It’s also good to make sure your furnace is receiving electricity and the furnace switch is functioning properly. To do so, shift the thermostat to “on” from “auto” to force the fan to turn on. If the fan comes on, the power is working properly. If it doesn’t, your furnace may not be getting power.

All furnaces have a power switch either on the furnace or on a nearby wall. Flip the switch and wait a couple of minutes to see if it turns the furnace on. Be sure to have all access panels and doors on the furnace that are completely closed.

Condensate drainage by draining off several gallons of water every day. If drain lines get clogged, the furnace will shut down. Moreover, it’s good practice to assess vents for blockage. Examine if anything could be blocking the intake or exhaust and that space doesn’t have leaves, animal nests, or snow/ice.


The Benefits of Maintenance

Furnace maintenance can lead to proper energy efficiency, breakdown prevention, and voided warranty protection. A good tune-up can improve your furnace’s energy mileage and reduce your overall energy consumption. 

Getting regular maintenance and maintenance checks can help you avoid costly repairs and emergency breakdowns. It also allows your heating system to last much longer and function with better efficiency down the stretch. All in all, if your furnace is working properly, it’ll save you time and money. A bad furnace works harder, raises your bill, and is more vulnerable to breakdowns. 


How We Can Help You

Constant Home Comfort London (CHCL) will work with you to provide the best furnace maintenance service you can count on. We’re located in London, Ontario and also specialize in dealing Lennox furnaces that will keep your house warm. 
If you’d like more information on our services, visit our contact page or call us at 905-614-2459.


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