Traditional vs Tankless Water Heaters – What is Right For Me? | Buy Tankless Water Heater, Hamilton

Traditional vs Tankless Water Heaters – What is Right For Me? | Buy Tankless Water Heater, Hamilton

Did you hear the new buzz in the market? It’s the tankless water heating system, proven and certified to be highly energy-efficient and compact in size than the traditional tank water heaters. We take pride in our tankless water heater installer team that helps you in comparing Rinnai tankless water heater price in Hamilton and other tankless water heater costs and promise a top-notch service.

Research shows that water heaters account for 20% of your home’s utility expenses. It’s time to wisely decide and switch to energy-efficient systems and tankless water heaters are where you should start. 

Thinking about buying a tankless water heater in Hamilton or Windsor? CHCH offers, Rinnai, John Wood and Navien tankless water heater installation in Windsor, Hamilton and other surrounding areas. Amazing rebates now available! You can now earn up to $2,050 when you upgrade to a high-efficiency tankless model. 

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Here are 6 reasons why you should switch to a tankless water heater system:


Save on Energy and Utility Costs 

Which is better tank or tankless water heater? A tankless water heater system or the “on-demand” water heater heats the water only when needed which results in less energy consumption. On the other hand, the traditional tank-style water heaters depend on a reservoir water tank which is heated continuously throughout the day to maintain a constant supply leading to higher utility costs.


Make a Long Term Investment

By now you will be wondering how long will a tankless water heater last? The tankless water system requires a higher installation cost in the beginning but it is definitely here to stay for long. If you plan to stay in your home for 20 years or more, then a tankless water system is for you. Contrary to that, the traditional heating system involves a more affordable upfront cost but has a shorter lifespan. 


Tankless Heaters Save you Space

If you are not willing to allocate an entire unit in your basement to your heating system then the tankless model is a yes! The tankless water heaters are much smaller and compact in size as compared to the traditional tank-based heating system which occupies more space in your home. That being said, tankless water heaters are ideal for smaller homes or townhouses where having a storage space is a rare jackpot. 


Qualify for Government Rebates 

You definitely cannot miss this one! Installing a qualified tankless water heater system can make you eligible for a government rebate between $300 – $500 depending on your scenario. This can help you offset the higher purchasing, installation, and maintenance costs involved with the tankless water heater system. With traditional water heaters, there are no such benefits covered.


Negligible chances of a Breakdown and Flooding 

The tankless water heaters have flood-prevention built-in and also they do not incorporate any kind of water reservoir leading to negligible chances of flooding or breakdown. On the other hand, the traditional tank heaters involve dangers of bursting or flooding all over your floors. 


Enjoy Limitless Hot Water Supply

No more cold showers! The other great advantage of tankless heaters is that if you have a large family or guests over frequently, you can enjoy ample hot water whenever needed as the tankless unit is heated on demand from your water main supply. Tank-style heaters can only supply enough water stored and heated in the reservoir which makes the water pressure go down when used in various parts of the house. 

Now that we have helped you in your decision making, let’s dive straight into what brands and models you should consider for your home when buying your first tankless heater. Here are a number of popular tankless brands and models that provide the greatest benefits and higher reliability and top performance. 


Turn to a Trusted Tankless Water Heater Installer in Hamilton

Hamilton Homeowners! Earn Up to $2,050 in Rebates on Your Next Tankless Water Heater.

At Constant Home Comfort Hamilton, we are offering 25% off on select Energy Star tankless water heaters and you can earn up to $2,050 in rebates on industry-leading brands like Rinnai.

We provide our professional services all across the GTA, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Markham, Hamilton and all across Ontario. 

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