Upgrade to a Lennox Furnace: The Benefits and Why You Should Go With a Lennox Premier Dealer | Lennox Furnace Repair Waterloo, London

Upgrade to a Lennox Furnace: The Benefits and Why You Should Go With a Lennox Premier Dealer | Lennox Furnace Repair Waterloo, London

As winter approaches it might be time to check on your furnace and its condition. Having an old, out-dated, or broken down furnace can end up costing you more in repairs and higher bills than just upgrading to a new one. If you have been looking into getting a trusted Lennox furnace, this could be the perfect timing! 

CHCL is a Lennox Premier Dealer with a dedicated team that provides Lennox furnace repair in Waterloo, London  and surrounding areas. We work with you and your new or old furnace to get your home in the best possible condition with American Standard furnace repair in Waterloo, London too!  We also work with a range of other brands. Call us today for quality HVAC support. 


Why Lennox?

Lennox has been a leading brand in the world of furnaces for a long time now, providing customers with a range of different high-quality options to perfectly fit a person’s life and home. By upgrading to a new furnace, especially from a model over 15+ years old, a new high-quality furnace will not only help you to save you on monthly utility bills but can get you some cashback with rebate programs as well. 


How to Determine a Lennox Premier Dealer?

Not all dealers approach clients the same, and some can have some less than ideal intentions to catch you up and grab your money. One such example is “Free Quotes”. There are, sadly, some HVAC companies out there who will take advantage of the fine print and make you believe that they offer free quotes just to turn around and catch you. They get away with this by having the clause its only free if you end up going with their services, thus saddling you with unexpected expenses if you decide to go with another. 

Make sure to check for free AND “no-obligation” quotes. This clarifies that it will be free no matter what you decide! We at Constant Home Comfort don’t agree with such a tactic and offer no-obligation quotes to make sure you are comfortable and confident in your choice.


Watch for Insured Technicians

Another thing to be on the lookout for is some companies will hire untrained, inexperienced, and uninsured “technicians” to help you with your Lennox furnace. This can not only put your wallet in danger but also your furnace and potentially home. With an inexperienced and uninsured person behind your furnace often the services will be poorly done, and the work won’t be covered by a warranty. 

This can end up with you needing repairs or replacement much sooner than expected, and have you paying full price. Try to only work with experienced and insured technicians, this not only boosts the chance of a successful job but in the event something does go wrong you won’t have to take such a hit personally.


24Hr & Emergency Service is Best

Furnaces don’t always break down during the typical 9 to 5 work hours. If something happens to your Lennox furnace during the weekend or at night would you rather wait in a cold home until Monday to have someone come by? Of course not, it’s in your best interest to find someone that can work with you any time of the week offering emergency repairs to help you when you need it. 


Have Years of Lennox Experience Backing Your New Installation!

Constant Home Comfort offers 24hr service, experienced and insured technicians, and no-obligation quotes to make sure you are fully comfortable, safe, and confident in your decision. By being a Lennox Premier Dealer we provide repair and installation with experienced hands and available rebates to help you save some cash too!

Constant Home Comfort London is here to help! Join other London homeowners and save thousands with your new high-efficiency product. Our skilled HVAC technicians also provide reliable same-day repairs for your Lennox air conditioner! Call us now at (226) 240-3219.

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