Upgrade Your HVAC System and Qualify for Furnace Rebates in Toronto


Home HVAC Rebates FurnaceAccording to Toronto Hydro, as much as 60% of our annual electricity payments go to heating and cooling our homes. On top of these costs, we regularly have to upgrade our home’s heating systems depending on their effectiveness throughout the years and changes in Ontario’s energy regulations. Upgrading your HVAC system seems expensive at first, but did you know that you can be rewarded for switching to newer systems? With furnace rebates in Toronto, you won’t just have a quieter and more reliable furnace to get your family through the winter; you’ll also be rewarded with energy rebates paid by the government and utility companies for helping save the environment.

Upgrade your Toronto home’s furnace and claim rebates with Constant Home Comfort. Call for a free consultation at 1-888-829-1875 or fill out a contact form here today!

How to Qualify for Furnace Rebates in Toronto

Qualifying for furnace rebates in Toronto is an easy three-step procedure:

First, your new heating system should be purchased from and installed by a contractor participating in Toronto Hydro’s Save on Energy incentive, such as Constant Home Comfort.

Next, when you purchase your new furnace and have it installed, your contractor will complete and submit your online incentive form. You will then receive an email to confirm the details of your new furnace and the rebates you are applying for before approving the submission.

After you file the incentive form online, you can move on to the last step. In this part, you will have to send Toronto Hydro the proof of purchase for your new, energy-saving furnace, and a completed copy of your online incentive form. This can be done through mail, fax or email. At Constant Home Comfort, we help you every step of the way. We will even fill in the forms for you, and send in your proof of purchase so that you don’t have to worry. You should then receive your incentive cheque for upgrading your home’s furnace and helping the environment within four to eight weeks of Toronto Hydro receiving your application.

Full Furnace and Rebates Service by Constant Home Comfort

Constant Home Comfort is a one-stop-shop for all your heating and cooling needs. We won’t just sell you a new furnace and install it in your home – we’ll help you get energy savings by filing rebates for you!

With us, you’ll receive expert advice on how to maximize your comfort and get the best value for your investment. We’ll talk about all the rebates you are entitled to when you upgrade to a new, energy-saving heating system that’s good for the environment. Toronto Hydro’s furnace rebates application says contractors will only install your new furnace and fill out their part in your online incentive form. But Constant Home Comfort takes everything off your hands. We handle all aspects of your rebate application and file it for you. With our newest furnaces and expert installation and maintenance services, you won’t just get long-term savings on your household’s energy costs. You’ll get rewarded by the Ontario government and utility companies for going greener and cleaner without stressing over the whole procedure!

Go green with a new energy-saving furnace. Claim your furnace rebates in Toronto with Constant Home Comfort at 1-888-829-1875 or fill out a contact form here today!

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