We Have Central or Ductless AC Systems that are Perfect for Your Home! Affordable Air Conditioner Prices in Windsor and Hamilton!

We Have Central or Ductless AC Systems that are Perfect for Your Home! Affordable Air Conditioner Prices in Windsor and Hamilton!

If you’re on the market to purchase a new air conditioning system, Constant Home Comfort can give you the right answers that can save you money. Our air conditioning systems prices in Windsor and surrounding areas allow you to maximize your home’s comfort during the sweltering summer months while investing in environmentally friendly units that last you an extended period of time.

As one of the most reliable AC companies in Hamilton, we provide homeowners with affordable AC repair services. Additionally, we can help you get amazing rebates, low prices, and superior models from suppliers including KeepRite, Armstrong, Goodman and more! We can show you which rebates you qualify for and get you a great deal!

When it comes to effectively cooling your home, which AC system is better for your home: ductless or central air conditioning? Whether you choose either one of those systems, you’re looking at a major investment that needs plenty of research before making your decision. Not to fret, our quick and easy guide can help you choose the best system for your home!

Ductless vs. Central AC – what’s the difference in cost?

Ductless systems have indoor and outdoor components but are not built into existing furnaces. Outdoor units will be mounted on the outside walls, while indoor units would be installed with high walls and ceilings. 

Central systems use ducts to deliver cool air to each room of your home. If you have a ductless AC system already installed, new ducts can be added to the central system to deliver chilled air. Central systems are typically installed outdoors, with only the vents showing.

If you choose to install central air conditioning, your cost will be dependent on several factors. The average central air conditioning unit at 13 SEER rating will cost anywhere between $3,000 to $4,000 for a home that is 1,800 square feet. Increase your home’s square footage, and you will need to get a bigger AC unit that is higher in SEER rating. You will need to pay for the installation cost that will vary based on the requirements of your home.

Ductless units cost on average about $1,800 for a single unit. If you would like to purchase multiple units to handle multiple zones in your home, those costs would increase. 

Advantages of a ductless AC system

  • The flexibility of placing it in any area. You can have a ductless system limited to specific parts of the home to lower your energy bills by reducing cool air unnecessarily travelling to places you don’t need.
  • Less energy loss that results from air seeping out of faulty ducts. The issue of leaks is prevented by 30%, saving you more money on energy bills.
  • Simple installation that can be implemented by one of our professional HVAC technicians. 
  • You can set different temperatures in different rooms by adjusting the thermostat. If you don’t plan on using a room on any given day, you can simply stop having heated or chilled air directed there.

Advantages of a central AC system

  • Your home’s air quality will improve due to the air recirculating in the space. Additionally, they can remove allergens from the air and reduce any airborne germs from remaining in your home.
  • Your home will remain at a constant temperature due to all zones getting the appropriate directed air, eliminating one room being chilly, and another sweltering.
  • The resale value of your home will increase, as a central system can instantly improve the comfort of your home and give it a higher market value.
  • Central systems will have longer warranty spans than ductless systems.

Take advantage of money-saving heating and cooling rebates! | Contact our experienced AC companies in Hamilton and surrounding areas!

We always aim to save you money, and we have partnered with the best HVAC brands in the business to provide you with systems that last you a long time. Additionally, our savings and incentives are made achievable with the 2020-21 Home Efficiency Rebate Program. 

Now, it’s easier than ever for you to improve your home’s energy efficiency, lower your bills and reduce your impact on the environment. Eligible homeowners can receive incentives of up to $5,000.

Don’t wait any longer, call us and get your AC system today!

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