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When Should You Call the Professionals for Air Conditioning Repair

When Should You Call the Professionals for Air Conditioning Repair

There are certain things you can do to keep your air conditioner (AC) in top condition, but at what point is it in your better interest to get service from professionals? Below are some common ways you can maintain your AC, as well as some issues which require the service of a professional AC expert. If your AC is no longer performing as well as it should, or it’s beyond repair, consider the Lennox ACs offered by Constant Home Comfort in Markham. They’re energy efficient and affordable, plus we help you get some HUGE rebates! Keep reading to find out how to maintain your AC on your own.

Maintaining Your AC

AC Filters

Cleaning or replacing AC air filters is a simple and inexpensive way to keep your AC as efficient as possible. You can cut back on energy use and avoid a whole slew of other AC issues by simply maintaining your air filters. If you find that your AC is still underperforming, despite new filters, you may need service from Constant Home Comfort in Markham. If you’re unhappy with your AC’s performance, it might be time for a replacement, such as an energy efficient Lennox.

AC Coils

Cleaning or replacing your air filters will help your cooling coil stay clean for longer, but the coil will eventually need to be cleaned also. The evaporator coil needs to absorb heat to function, and its ability to absorb heat is inhibited when dirty. Outdoor condenser coils can also get dirty from grass, foliage, dirt, rain, snow, or other outdoor grime in Markham. The condenser coil is easily visible and within reach, so you simply need to keep the surrounding area free from debris to keep it running efficiently. If you find that your AC isn’t consistently and efficiently keeping your home cool, you may require professional service from Constant Home Comfort.

When Professional Service is Required

Refrigerant Leaks

A leak or poor installation can lead to your AC being low in refrigerant. If you find that you have a leak, call Constant Home Comfort in Markham to fix it. The refrigerant is a chemical, and you don’t want to spill it too much or get it on you, which is why it’s best to call an experienced technician who knows how to handle the substance.  

Sensor Problems

A thermostat sensor measures the temperature of the air coming into the evaporative coil. The sensor being out of position or being otherwise damaged will lead to poor air functionality and efficiency. Since this problem deals with wires and the inner workings of the unit, It’s always best to call the experts at Constant Home Comfort in Markham to fix issues like this.

If you face an issue that you cannot fix on your own, you need the professional services of Constant Home Comfort in Markham. Issues involving, duct leakage, airflow, electric control sequence, electric terminals, motors, belts, or the thermostat, for example, definitely require professional services, and may require you to replace your AC. If your AC is beyond repair, you need to consider the Lennox ACs offered by Constant Home Comfort.

Need help fixing your air conditioner? Need a new air conditioner altogether? Get expert service from the professionals at Constant Home Comfort in Markham at 1 888 829 1875 for repair and installation of Lennox air conditioners.

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