Why Attic Insulation During the Winter is Important (Rebates Available) | Attic Insulation Energy Rebates

Why Attic Insulation During the Winter is Important (Rebates Available) | Attic Insulation Energy Rebates

Your furnace has been running smoothly, but you just got it checked. 

There’s hot air coming out of all the appropriate vents.

The thermostat is set to 73.

Yet, you can still see your breath in the air because it’s freezing in your house.

We know why. The attic insulation is insufficient and it’s causing air infiltration. Your home has all the functioning parts of a warm environment, but a toasty atmosphere can’t be achieved until your attic is sufficiently protected.

Constant Home Comfort is dedicated to making all houses feel like homes. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable all winter stacking on sweaters just to stay warm. We assess your air leakage situation and inspect your attic insulation so that you can feel toasty all year long.


Attic insulation Energy Rebates Will Help Your Wallet and the Environment

Our main goal is to maintain the utmost customer satisfaction. We expertly advise all of our clients on the advantages of our attic insulation energy rebates to maximize your home’s efficiency. Serving clients across the GTA, our priority is ensuring you and your family live in a  cozy and happy home. 

Constant Home Comfort is dedicated to helping your family optimize their home comfort and lifestyle. We want to help you save and reduce your carbon footprint through our energy rebates by improving your attic insulation.

Partnering with Enbridge Gas Inc., you can now take advantage of incentives and massive savings when choosing us for your home. We have attic insulation bundles that will help you save the environment while saving you money. Homeowners that complete additional upgrades can receive additional rebates.


How Do You Ensure Proper Attic Insulation?

The ‘Stack Effect’ is responsible for your home to remain cold during the winter months. Inside a closed structure, warm air travels upward. Warm air is less dense than the cool air surrounding it, forcing it to escape the structure altogether.

There are two ways that you can stop the ‘Stack Effect’ from happening in your attic:

Thermal Barrier: Insulation, whatever the material, serves as an adequate insulator to reduce heat loss.

Air Barrier: Spray foam penetrates the gaps and holes in between your home and your attic to stop warm air from escaping. 

Attics are detailed structures that require continuous care and attention. Though you might have installed a thermal or air barrier, you can still find your home to be colder than usual. Many attics contain compressed insulation that performs poorly or contains faulty ceiling penetrations that cause warm air to leak.


Our Technicians are Skilled to Identify Your Attic Problems

If you are still unsatisfied with the temperature of your home during the cold Canadian winter, Constant Home Comfort will help you ensure that warm air is able to consistently circulate.

Our skilled technicians will optimize your attic’s insulation through:

Identifying areas of leakage: Our state of the art equipment will locate even the most minimal air leaks.

Pull out the insulation around the areas of leakage: Whether you have fibreglass batts or loose-fill insulation, we remove the insulation to fully inspect the area.

Cover cracks and gaps with foam: We apply canned foam to all air leakage areas, letting the foam cure until dry.

Reinstall the insulation: The insulation that was removed initially is put back on top of the hardened foam. 


Stay Toasty – Install Proper Attic Insulation Today!

Ready to reap the numerous benefits of proper attic insulation? Reach out to one of our reliable HVAC technicians to assess and protect your home from freezing conditions. 

Being toasty doesn’t have to happen only in the summer months. Call our technicians 24/7 toll-free at 1-888-675-5907 to insulate your home all year long!

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