Why Summertime is the Best Season to Have Your Furnace Serviced

Why Summertime is the Best Season to Have Your Furnace Serviced

The summer is the best time to have your furnace serviced or replaced! Not to mention, there are also various HVAC rebates in Toronto that you can take advantage of to help you save on energy and maintenance costs. 

By having your HVAC rebated in the GTA, you can come across several short and long-term benefits for your home. Our team at Constant Home Comfort can help you discover these wonderful rebates and list great reasons why you should have your furnace serviced in the summer. We’ll also show you how to prepare your furnace for the summer and why it’s overall cheaper to have it fixed or replaced now. 


Why Having Your Furnace Serviced During Summer is Important

A good reason to have your furnace fixed or replaced during your summer is that it helps prevent dangerous gases from entering your home. By neglecting your furnace for an extended amount of time, your unit can build up the debris that can destroy its lining, thereby letting carbon monoxide enter freely. This can be especially dangerous when you turn on the furnace during the winter because it exposes everyone in the household to dangerous fumes. 

Expanding on that issue, being proactive and getting your furnace serviced during the summer will help you catch small issues early. One of our experienced technicians can help you save valuable time and money to help you avoid frustration down the road – this simple and affordable process will help you warm your home much faster. 


How to Prepare Your Furnace for Summer

Before having your furnace fixed or replaced, you should have a broad understanding of what HVAC systems are and how they work. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and helps cool or warm your home during different seasons. You can help a technician with their job by putting out what exactly went wrong with your furnace or what you’ve been experiencing. 

One thing you can do to prepare is to check your furnace’s filters and clean or replace them as needed. With frequent use, these filters can become clogged with dirt or dust, restricting airflow, and reducing your furnace’s power. Depending on how your HVAC works, you may need to change the filter once a month or once every six months; this same rule applies to dirty vents as well. 

It’s also important to have the area around your HVAC system clear of any debris, leaves, rocks, branches, and shrubbery among others. By taking the time to clear the area, you’ll avoid things getting caught in your HVAC system, helping you avoid bigger and pricier problems later on. 

You’ll also want to not overuse your furnace as this renders it less effective. If your unit is not working at an optimal level, it may be time to have it replaced and install a new one instead. By doing so, you can take advantage of rebate savings for your home and reduce your overall energy use. 


Why It’s Cheaper to Replace Your Furnace in the Summer

If you wait to have your furnace serviced or replaced in the winter, you may have to wait in line with many others as technicians are occupied with many calls for repairs or replacements. They can charge higher prices for their time and the demand for their assistance will be high. 

Take a proactive approach and get a qualified technician to inspect your HVAC unit before the temperature drops!


The time to save is now – contact us today and take advantage of the huge savings in Ontario!

By having your furnace serviced in the summer, you’ve gained one step ahead of everyone else. It’s normally a time when no one is booking appointments for furnace repair, so you can gain more time for a technician’s service and save more money for their services. You can get easy accommodations during this time and smooth service for your furnace. 

Constant Home Comfort is available 24/7 for furnace repairs and installation! Call us at (888)-675-5907!

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